Can I visit you to come and see the animals?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of wildlife rehabilitation, visits to all BWR sites are strictly for members of the care team only – public visits would compromise the standard of care for our patients; the success of our operations relies on our premises being safe, secure and in a controlled environment.


Can I get an update on the animal I gave you recently?

We make every effort to contact finders to provide feedback when it is necessary in the interests of the animal in question, usually to release a patient back where it was found – this is particularly important in species such as Hedgehogs and Birds of Prey. Patient updates are posted frequently on our Facebook and Twitter pages and we try to return as many messages as possible for individual queries, however please remember this is of the lowest priority and we cannot provide updates for all animals passed to us.

We have a dedicated Email address should you wish to query any animals passed to us – please email office@b-w-r.org.uk