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If you have a wildlife casualty, please call the charity’s helpline on 0330 229 17 10 and leave a message. We will try to return your query as soon as possible.

Please also take a look at our Wildlife First Aid page detailing important information about what to do on finding a wildlife casualty

Please understand that our limited service is overstretched daily and it is simply not possible to return each and every single call and message sent to us, sometimes amounting to over 30 -50 calls per day in the Summer months.

We operate a voicemail service used to triage all the incoming calls. We also work with over 30 veterinary surgeries across several counties – you may wish to contact your local vets for assistance – they will quite likely take in the casualty and refer to us for further care

COVID-19 Operations

Despite the latest restrictions, the charity is still maintaining normal operations in line with government guidelines and in the safest possible manner.
We ask that callers who require assistance from the charity understand our current limitations, as a number of CCVs and Medics are self-isolating and unable to continue their roles at present.

For the collection of wildlife casaulties, we require callers to box the animal if at all possible – you will be contacted prior to the collection by a volunteer to request the animal is placed outside the property, so the collection can be completed while maintaining a 2m distance.

Collections are still being attended regularly from all supporting veterinary surgeries across several counties, ensuring all wildlife casualties are given the appropriate care needed.

Year on year, as patient numbers rise, so do our costs of running the charity and it’s facilities.
You can support our efforts by contributing to our costs, now at a minimum of £1,500 every month.

You can also make donations of food and other wanted items online via our Amazon WishList; simply purchae items from our wishlist as you would with any other Amazon purchase and the donations are sent directly to the charity!

Since the attacks and subsequent closure of our Main Aviary Site in May 2015, we have limited space and resources to house many patients at any one time.

We are working with other charities both regionwide and nationwide to transfer animals that need larger facilities or more time in rehabilitation.

Please visit our Facebook page for frequent updates and to find out more information about our work, history and other information

We work with over 25 Veterinary Practices throughout Tyneside and Northumberland who regularly refer animals into our care.